Whether an organization is unionized or not, there is need for industrial harmony in order for the company to achieve set objectives. Since IR deals with issues that affect relationship between workers and employers, it is pertinent that systems must be put in place to forestall grievances and nib them in the bud. Our experienced IR professionals help to install disciplinary and grievance handling procedures that ensure seamless operations, thereby increasing productivity.

What you will get
  • Advice that you need to be a great employer while ensuring adherence to relevant and ever-changing employment laws
  • Adequate advice on issues of collective bargaining and negotiated agreements.
  • Internal resources will focus on core competencies rather than spending time researching and contending with IR-related issues.
  • Your ability to make decisions and handle issues in a manner that minimizes risks
  • Avoiding the expense of consulting with an attorney on employment- and IR-related matters
What’s included with our IR services?
  • Phone and email support from IR professionals
  • Forms, procedures, guidelines and relevant documentation
  • Active and archived case management of member inquiries