The demand for higher quality of care from all stakeholders is on the increase, thus necessitating that companies across the healthcare industry must recognize they need to deliver greater value—higher quality of care at a lower cost. These companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. Performassure Limited works with the healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems by designing products that motivate consumers to use health services in the right way, build relationships with their members and support providers with more effective care management tools and reimbursement systems. Our healthcare management services include but not limited to the following:
  • Creating sustained growth strategies for developed and emerging markets to gain market leadership.
    For healthcare companies, growth is an imperative—not an option. However, many companies find it difficult to achieve sustained, profitable growth. We work with healthcare players to develop and execute growth strategies that will help them achieve full potential. We help our clients identify strategic options that strengthen their foundation, evaluate their options with discipline and rigor, and implement their chosen path. For strategies that include the rapid-growth emerging markets, we help our clients understand the complexity of the local market and identify critical success factors, such as how to design locally relevant product offerings.
  • Developing cost-effective and efficient business models.
    We collaborate with healthcare companies to create lower-cost business models while building new capabilities to meet changing market needs.
  • Designing the organization to achieve unprecedented performance.
    The success of healthcare companies relies on their ability to undertake transformation and make critical decisions, typically in a complex, matrixed organization. We work with companies to identify the most significant decision opportunities while building enduring behaviors, measures and incentives that foster effective decision making throughout the organization. We help clients to develop performance measures that align operations to organizational strategy through process re-engineering. .
  • Facilitation of skills transfer and care coordination.
    We collaborate with international Partners to transfer skills and knowledge to the local healthcare industry after due diligence and skills gap analysis. We also coordinate local and international care delivery by tapping into the rich network of world-class specialists and centres for optimal results.