Successfully managing today’s workforce while navigating a growing complexity of regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly difficult. By offloading the administrative burden of HR to the trained professionals at Performassure, your team can focus on your core business objectives. Outsourcing your HR to us guarantees you cost benefits in addition to peace of mind that comes with having a qualified and engaged workforce.

Our team of certified HR professionals possess the credentials and experience to provide skilled guidance on complex matters, engage leadership to align HR activities with corporate strategy, and offer guidance during key organizational decisions

You don’t have to wait until you can afford a best-in-class HR program before enjoying its value in your business. Instead, Performassure Outsourcing makes it easy and affordable for your company to leverage a full-service human resources team that scales with the size and needs of your organization.

With today’s complex regulatory environment, it is virtually impossible for one person to know it all. From performing administrative tasks to establishing a People Strategy aligned with your business objectives, we cover the full spectrum of an employer’s needs. Whether supporting a local base of employees, multiple locations, or employees scattered across the country, our clients leverage specialized resources including training and leadership coaching, compensation analysis and planning, employment law, and recruiting.

Components of HR Outsourcing

  • HR Business Partner
    Serves as the primary contact window for employees and managers including on-site presence. The HR Business Partner activity engages with employees, supervisors and leadership to administer HR programs and deliver services.
  • Shared Services
    The centralized shared services provide convenient access to our HR professionals and serve as an additional point of contact when the HR Business is not at the client site. A host of administrative support activities, such as benefits administration, records maintenance, compliance, templates and HR information systems.
  • Training & Development
    Our training programs, both off-site and on-site, include supervisor development, regulatory updates, leadership, team building, employee engagement and customer service. Other customized training programs are designed to suit the peculiar needs of your organization.

Why consider Performassure HR Outsourcing?

  • Remove HR /Administrative Burden
    Simplify your HR needs with a comprehensive services that frees up your staff to focus on your core business. Offload time consuming tasks like benefits administration, recruiting, compensation and employee performance management.
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
    Performassure will relieve you from the burden of crafting a compelling recruitment and rewards strategy, promoting your unique employer brand, drafting and coordinating onboarding plans, creating employee performance and development programs.
  • Reduce Employer-related Risks
    With Performassure HR Outsourcing, you will receive guidance from qualified HR professionals, ensuring that your organization is informed on rapidly changing labour laws. You will enjoy best-practice methods of addressing employee issues and maintaining up-to-date policies that promote productivity in your organization
  • Maximize Human Capital ROI
    Employees are typically a company’s largest investment. Our HR Outsourcing programs prioritize making the most of this people investment. Our strategies for increasing employee engagement and retention position our clients to achieve